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Internet & Networking I would honestly serve at the altar of the person that did this. Keep the debugging information, but for the love of god, make your email client do something pretty and useful with it.
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Cloud or not, email is becoming a strain on both the web and the mail servers. (was an atricle here on osnews about more than 40% of traffic on the internet at some time were spam) People just do not read emails any longer (i can back this up with results from SCB 'Statistics Central Bereau', allthogh this statistics only apply to queries of swedes.), just as they do not read anything on twitter or facebok that is not in their "circle". Some bad eggs ruined a fine concept for the rest of humanity just as so many times before. But i would argue it was kind of ruined the moment they had anything but text introduced in e-mail.

And how many of us are not too tired of trying to find "Leg4l dru6s & 0v1agr4" on the web never to find any. =P

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