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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "In the past months Sony has been confronted with everything from a foundering TV business to a massive tax charge that together have pushed its expected loss for financial year 2011 to a record $6.4 billion. Today, Sony has gathered the press at its head office in Minato ward, Tokyo, so that recently-appointed CEO Kazuo Hirai can explain how he plans to turn the newly reorganized 'One Sony' around." I know, I rip on Sony a lot for squandering MiniDisc, but when push comes to shove I'd rather the company change its ways (when it comes to DRM and other anti-consumer practices) and become competitive than go under entirely. Maybe this new CEO gets it - however, since there's no word on the things that make Sony suck, I highly doubt it.
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Locking the PS3 did increased their sales? No, it dimished a lot from the popular free-for-piracy PS2.

Did locking their hardware to not copy music incresead their sales? Hell no.

Are their music/video the most important and lucrative part of the company, so they can dictate how other parts will work? No.

Now do the math Sony: openess, at some degree, will help you to leave the hole.

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