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Internet & Networking I would honestly serve at the altar of the person that did this. Keep the debugging information, but for the love of god, make your email client do something pretty and useful with it.
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But, is that Microsoft's implementation of MIME?

MS uses standard MIME encapsulated messages.

What about those still using "quoted-printable" instead?

Tough luck, it's not 1995 anymore.

And what about those using TNEF instead of MIME?

TNEF isn't an alternative to MIME. TNEF is a format for the attachment itself. The message is still multipart MIME. Email does not, and should not, care about the format of the attachment itself. That's up to the client to handle.

And is that using MS pseudo-HTML? Or real HTML? Or someone else's bastardised HTML (like FirstClass mail)?

This has nothing to do with the mail system.

There's not "1 single, standard method" for encoding even the text in an e-mail, let alone the "HTML" formatting, or even the attachments.

There's a difference between the format of the mail and the format and encoding of the parts.

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