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Mac OS X "OS X is full of little design touches that have redefined what people expect from a personal computer, and which complement Apple hardware. In fact, you can't (legally) install the operating system on anything but a Mac, so the two are forever entwined - and that gives Apple advantages that other computer manufacturers simply don't have. Join us as we explore the world's most beautiful operating system and find out how Apple created it." Slightly nauseating hyperbole aside (I find Mac OS X bland and grey thank you very much), it's an interesting article.
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by macUser on Fri 13th Apr 2012 04:06 UTC in reply to "Comment Title"
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Yep It's a bad article unless you love Macs.
There seems to me like there are a heap of incorrect facts in there. I thought to myself "That can't be right" a few times as I read through it.

The article is bad even if you "love" Macs. All the cool stuff is left out like yellow box (and red box speculation) and project marklar, etc... Also, the whole breakthrough w/ the classic environment (rhapsody required a reboot into OS 9) etc, etc, etc...

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