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Hardware, Embedded Systems Very sad news indeed. Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International and the man behind Atari, has passed away this past weekend. At 83, he passed away, surrounded by family and friends. People like this don't come in dozens, so we lost one of the great men of computing.
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RE[3]: Old pc`s..
by kovacm on Fri 13th Apr 2012 07:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Old pc`s.."
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I really wont like to turn this thread in technical discussion but in short:

Jack T. has nothing with Amiga. Regarding sound, Atari Corp. produce Atari Falcon030 computer in 1992. that could do 16bit, 44.1KHz 16 channel harddisc audio recording; plus it could do realtime effects thanx to built in DSP.

Something that PC will do in years to come...

Thanx to DSP Falcon could also play MP3 in full quality (something that require at least 486 DX4/100MHz that come out in years...).

@tylerdurden according to many resources on internet, Shiraz have six engineers that design complete ST hardware. There was also software group of ~15 people that port (and finished) DRI GEM OS.

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