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In the News Six-month-old web site Codecademy claims you can learn programming through its online tutorials. The free modules on JavaScript are now available. The site also allows anyone to post their own programming courses. The site has good funding, but question is: can you really learn programming this way? One blogger enthuses that Codecademy's approach "looks like the future of learning to me," while another slams it saying "Seriously? Wow, bull**** badging and sh**ty pedagogy wins the day in ed-tech investing." What do you think?
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by ToddB on Fri 13th Apr 2012 21:32 UTC
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I cut my teeth on Basic on Apple IIe Basic.. Then I moved on to programming calculators (Never had a computer growing up). I would fill up entire notebooks with programs I was doodling on in class before I finally took the time to input them slowly on graphing calculator. Now I primarily program in C++ for work. I think people just make programming into something way harder than it actually is, computers are very simple devices. You can move from memory to register and vice versa, do a math operation, a conditional branch and that is about it. Though from studies I have read, for some people programming is very difficult to impossible to learn whereas others pick it up naturally. Hopefully this site will help people discover which they are early on as a taste of possibly pursuing a career in programming. As far as computer science/software engineering goes, think it is a blessing wasn't taught these methods in school and had to learn them on my own. I often question how much value you get from a person who teaches programming for a living vs. someone who actually programs for a living.

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