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In the News Six-month-old web site Codecademy claims you can learn programming through its online tutorials. The free modules on JavaScript are now available. The site also allows anyone to post their own programming courses. The site has good funding, but question is: can you really learn programming this way? One blogger enthuses that Codecademy's approach "looks like the future of learning to me," while another slams it saying "Seriously? Wow, bull**** badging and sh**ty pedagogy wins the day in ed-tech investing." What do you think?
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I mod'ed him down because he assumes that having a formal education makes you *better* than someone else without one. I kind of see some sense of superiority and arrogance in his post. Don't assume that you are better than a self-taught programmer just because you have a formal education.

Then here's another post you can mod down, because I'm just going to say that while having a higher education doesn't necessarily make you "better", preaching that no or less formal education can make you just as good is exactly as a generalized opinion as the one you're protesting against.

And forgive me, but experience - and not just mine - will probably easily prove that self-taught "programmers" are generally (yes, I said generally) usable as generic everyday coders, not engineers in real big complex demanding projects. And that's a big difference, and yes, it really has a connection with getting a degree. Not just with the paper, that's nothing, but the background, the insight, and maybe some experience that you might gather while trying to get it. Harsh? Maybe. Live with it.

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