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Games AppleInsider, once one of the better Apple news sites, is rumouring that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve's HQ. Considering all the rumours Valve is working on a console (more fuel for the flames), this could potentially be interesting. As much as AppleInsider's story is being spread across the web - can anybody actually verify AI's story? It cites no sources, and could, for all we know, be completely made up. Anyone...?
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Simple solutions are rarely sought after in the corporate world because they minimize additions to cash flow.

Apple would much rather have you buy a console, controllers, games, and other accessories than to have you simply buying games and controllers...

They also have the need to ride the tide or else their fall will be extremely ugly. If they can't keep the momentum up, showing any slacking in sales, their revenue streams could begin to dry up surprisingly quickly. Diversification is the protection against this - and they are certainly aware of that... even if they don't ultimately embark upon a console, you can bet the idea has been mentioned in the top ranks.

Consoles aren't terribly profitable for most companies - but Apple would likely expect themselves able to pull a premium.

--The loon

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