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Games AppleInsider, once one of the better Apple news sites, is rumouring that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve's HQ. Considering all the rumours Valve is working on a console (more fuel for the flames), this could potentially be interesting. As much as AppleInsider's story is being spread across the web - can anybody actually verify AI's story? It cites no sources, and could, for all we know, be completely made up. Anyone...?
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Let's see: Apple has full app store infrastructure. They have iphone, ipad, apple tv. Why not "upgrade" the apple tv's hardware a bit, expand the app store and extend iphone/ipad connectivity? Seems like a logical place for apple to move next, *if* they really think game consoles are really an appealing market.

They already released a console (back in the late 90s IIRC) which massively flopped. So it wouldn't be a great leap of faith to say they'd fancy trying their luck again.

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