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Syllable, AtheOS The developers of the open source, Amiga-inspired Syllable operating system have chalked up a new release, releasing version 0.6.7. Rohan Pearce at Techworld caught up with lead developer Kaj de Vos for a chat about what's new and the team's future plans. Last year OSNews posted a longer interview with him about the background of the project, also performed by Pearce.
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RE: Amiga?
by Kaj-de-Vos on Sat 14th Apr 2012 12:31 UTC in reply to "Amiga?"
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Being inspired by BeOS doesn't preclude being inspired by Amiga OS. AtheOS started out as an Amiga OS clone but was then refactored to do more, so it was still Amiga inspired.

The lower levels of Syllable/AtheOS are most directly Amiga influenced, particularly the kernel. The higher levels in user space are indeed BeOS inspired, particularly the AppServer and the application programming API. Around those skeletons is a lot more influence from Unix, POSIX, Linux, GNU and other third-party open source.

BeOS itself was highly Amiga inspired. It was designed by people who left Apple because Apple had failed to create an answer to the Amiga. Apple had even hired Carl Sassenrath, the creator of the Amiga OS kernel, to develop a new kernel for them, which would have been quite like the later BeOS and Syllable kernels, but was canceled because it couldn't be compatible with existing Mac software.

Another way to look at it is that we always wanted Syllable to be a modern Amiga successor. Carl Sassenrath went on to design the REBOL programming language, which was meant as the foundation for a new operating system generation. We are following that development line to its conclusion in the Red language.

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