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Google If you ever needed evidence that no, people don't want a browser as an operating system, it's this: Google has updated Chrome OS to pretty much turn it into a traditional desktop operating system. This does raise the question - does anybody actually use Chrome OS?
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Comment by calden
by calden on Sat 14th Apr 2012 20:27 UTC
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Well I guess I'm the only one who actually owns a Chromebook on this forum and actually likes it. This new version is quite impressive, I now get 9 hours of battery from my Samsung Chromebook 3G. There isn't a program that I haven't been able to replace with a online version. I'm able to program my PHP, Python, heck even my C++ stuff.

Everyone is worried about privacy, them stop with the pornographic sites, stop with sites like Facebook and Twitter where you open your selves up. Keep your emails clean and simple. There is no longer any privacy on the web, you are kidding yourself if you think you are surfing in private. It doesn't matter what OS you are using.

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