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Syllable, AtheOS The developers of the open source, Amiga-inspired Syllable operating system have chalked up a new release, releasing version 0.6.7. Rohan Pearce at Techworld caught up with lead developer Kaj de Vos for a chat about what's new and the team's future plans. Last year OSNews posted a longer interview with him about the background of the project, also performed by Pearce.
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RE[2]: Amiga?
by henderson101 on Sun 15th Apr 2012 01:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Amiga?"
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Being inspired by BeOS doesn't preclude being inspired by Amiga OS. AtheOS started out as an Amiga OS clone but was then refactored to do more, so it was still Amiga inspired.

Just to address this directly - the Amiga "influence" is a dim distant relic. The BeOS influence is the core of the native API, and much of the subsystem design. Yet Amiga gets rolled out on a regular basis. It's misleading. ReactOS is an OS inspired by NT. GNU/Linux is inspired by UNIX. AROS is an OS inspired by AmigaOS, as was MorphOS. Syllable is an OS kernel that has a giant glob of API and subsystems inspired by BeOS (though Kurt often tried to deny that fact) The rest, the Amiga, is all cosmetic and potentially extremely low level. Describing Syllable as being Amiga inspired over the other strong influences seems very self serving to me.

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