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Games AppleInsider, once one of the better Apple news sites, is rumouring that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve's HQ. Considering all the rumours Valve is working on a console (more fuel for the flames), this could potentially be interesting. As much as AppleInsider's story is being spread across the web - can anybody actually verify AI's story? It cites no sources, and could, for all we know, be completely made up. Anyone...?
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I'd say this is a marriage made in heaven.
by AjBlue on Sun 15th Apr 2012 06:04 UTC
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This would be the only way another console is going to enter the market. You know valve wants to bring their market to a console setting. Yet they don't have the reason. Anything they would realize would be a glorified pc that just plays games. However if they partnered up with apple, who is great at making hardware, they would have a good shot. The apple tv is that one product that hasn't done well, yet they haven't killed it yet. As microsoft deems consoles as the heart of the living room. Apple tv covers everything but gaming. I can imagine an api, that allows developers to create ios games that can pull in real time data from the actual games.

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