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Linux I don't actually have a reason for trying to build a Linux kernel with the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch set. There's no way I can even measure the impact of it. Still, I felt like having a "real-time" Linux box, and set out to make one. Little did I know how difficult it would be to even get started.
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Lack of Slack
by wigry on Sun 15th Apr 2012 08:35 UTC
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Immediately visible that Thom haven't had any Slackware experience. This is pretty much essential thing for Slackware to compile a custom kernel (although the stock one works fine). Slackware installation book covers this with enough detail. Also it is fine to see kernel panic first couple of custom compiles due leaving out a critical component.

Ultimately you will not have that dependency hell in Slack. Hate this when package manager tries to baby sit me. If I miss something I see the "library cannot be loaded... " message and that is enough to warn a missing piece I must install. Usually package managers demand unneccessary dependencies which actually does not prevent usage of the program. That is the reason why I like Slackware's approach because dependencies are usually not justified and I can sort them out myself if needed.

So I was hoping to see the RT kernel experience but this article was abiout custom kernel compilation. Dissapointed!

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