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Games When I ask you to name the technology world's most secretive company, you'd most likely respond with 'Apple'. However, there's one other technology company that, while substantially smaller than the Cupertino giant, is quite possibly even more secretive: Valve.
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by jptros on Sun 15th Apr 2012 12:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No Comment Title"
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Yes it's true. There are plenty of areas in the US where the phone service providers and cable providers won't build infrastructure to support broadband internet services or even cable tv services to rural areas. Instead they want locals to put up money to pay for the build-out and most people refuse to do so (which is good, in my opinion). So in the end they have 2 choices: dialup internet and satellite internet. Satellite internet is pretty expensive for what you get so you see people sticking to their < $10/m dialup connections. I supposed they could opt for mobile broadband but the pricing and usage terms on it are a big fat joke and the consumers aren't the ones laughing. My in-laws just recently got satellite internet after being fed up waiting on AT&T to offer them a DSL option which stopped right up the street from their house and yes, AT&T insisted they put up the money to build it out further so they could in turn pay them a monthly fee to use it. Again, a big joke and the consumers aren't the ones laughing.

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