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Syllable, AtheOS The developers of the open source, Amiga-inspired Syllable operating system have chalked up a new release, releasing version 0.6.7. Rohan Pearce at Techworld caught up with lead developer Kaj de Vos for a chat about what's new and the team's future plans. Last year OSNews posted a longer interview with him about the background of the project, also performed by Pearce.
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RE[6]: Amiga?
by henderson101 on Mon 16th Apr 2012 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Amiga?"
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Well... are we talking about Kurt Skauen here? If so, yeah, my assertions are true:

Q: The GUI look very Amigaish, is it an AmigaOS clone?

A: No. In the beginning it was actualy ment to be one, but this days there
is nothing resembling the AmigaOS in AtheOS other than the window-borders.
BTW: You can replace the boorder-look by writing a plugin to the appserver
so I guess the Amiga look will go away quite soon.

Which is a FAQ from the AtheOS pages. And later in that thread:

Believe me, there is not one thing (except the window border-look) resembling the (classic) AmigaOS in AtheOS ;)

A direct quote from Kurt Skauen.

If we're talking about you, Syllable is hardly *your* OS. Syllable is based on Skauen's work and has a hell of a lot of Vanders in it.

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