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In the News "Modern science relies upon researchers sharing their work so that their peers can check and verify success or failure. But most scientists still don't share one crucial piece of information - the source codes of the computer programs driving much of today's scientific progress." Pretty crazy this isn't the norm yet.
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RE: What is so complex
by Neolander on Mon 16th Apr 2012 17:10 UTC in reply to "What is so complex"
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So, what is so complex in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, etc... that it cannot be reimplemented fairly easily when given the core algorithm?

Speaking for physics, not much... Except that the people who do numerical simulations may like to use open-source highly optimized math libraries, because those take a lot of time to mature.

I have heard that CERN scientists still use Fortran a lot, simply because they have gigabytes of highly optimized Fortran code around and can't bother to rewrite it in something more modern like C.

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