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Syllable, AtheOS The developers of the open source, Amiga-inspired Syllable operating system have chalked up a new release, releasing version 0.6.7. Rohan Pearce at Techworld caught up with lead developer Kaj de Vos for a chat about what's new and the team's future plans. Last year OSNews posted a longer interview with him about the background of the project, also performed by Pearce.
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I guess
by cipri on Mon 16th Apr 2012 18:51 UTC
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I guess, you should come up with facts.

First you must define what you understand under "amgia inspired".
Perhaps the initial idea was "amgia inspired" and then turned into "beos/haiku inspired".

So one fact was already mentionated:
Kurt saying that is has as good as nothing in common (just the decorator) with Amiga.

Then there are the other facts, which show that kurt tried to implement the stuff present in the bebook (beos). (He was just omiting the "B", but when you look at the bebook and syllable the connection is clear. That's also how i also learnt something about syllable api, by first reading the bebook, and noticing that syllable api was mostly just a little subset of beos api. Of course after the fork of atheos, some new stuff came to the api that was inspired of the bebook, for example the classes written by rick and others).

And recently also necroromancist tries to "be a little compatible to haiku" at source source level.

Now the beos related connection is shown. Now I guess someone from syllable should come and show more facts related to amiga, and show that the amiga influence is much greater than the beos one.
Otherwise it's indeed misleading to say "amiga inspired" if there is a much stronger connection to beos/haiku.

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