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Windows While I was fast asleep, Microsoft unveiled the SKUs for Windows 8 - and we're in for a surprise. Yes, after years and years of fully deserved mockery for releasing 343 versions of each Windows release, the company has seen the light and reduced everything to just four - of which only two, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, will be freely available in stores.
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by rbenchley on Tue 17th Apr 2012 09:02 UTC in reply to "ARM"
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People who may well have bought copies of Windows 8 for their ARM machines will be forced into a life of crime.

How exactly are they going to be forced to steal software? I agree with you that Microsoft would be much wiser to sell Windows 8 for ARM to anyone who has a machine that meets a certain set of guidelines, but they're not forcing anyone to do anything. If someone doesn't want to invest in a new ARM device in order to use Win 8, there many versions of Linux or Android that they can use.

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