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Windows While I was fast asleep, Microsoft unveiled the SKUs for Windows 8 - and we're in for a surprise. Yes, after years and years of fully deserved mockery for releasing 343 versions of each Windows release, the company has seen the light and reduced everything to just four - of which only two, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, will be freely available in stores.
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RE: This stinks
by TemporalBeing on Tue 17th Apr 2012 18:55 UTC in reply to "This stinks"
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Windows CE was locked to OEM's so that you had to hope they provided updates. And they never did.

WinCE was usually custom built by the OEMs for the devices. So yeah - Microsoft would update it (e.g. WinCE 5 vs WinCE 6) and the OEMs would get the updates; but they rarely updated existing hardware for a new version of WinCE. That was the problem.

Android manufacturers are doing a bit better - they get a copy of Android, and release it on the devices. Some devices they may never upgrade, others they do.

The big difference is probably the licensing. For WinCE, they had to pay royalties on all devices that received a copy of WinCE. If they upgraded a device, they'd have to pay another royalty for the same device. Conversely, for Android they might pay a royalty (to Microsoft) for the device when it originally ships; but that's it. They can upgrade the same device to the next major version without paying another royalty - if they paid one at all.

P.S. I honestly don't expect those that are paying them to renew the license after B&N gets done with Nokia/Microsoft/Mosaid in court and before the ITC.

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