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Windows While I was fast asleep, Microsoft unveiled the SKUs for Windows 8 - and we're in for a surprise. Yes, after years and years of fully deserved mockery for releasing 343 versions of each Windows release, the company has seen the light and reduced everything to just four - of which only two, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, will be freely available in stores.
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by bassbeast on Wed 18th Apr 2012 06:42 UTC in reply to "ARM"
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First of all...who is gonna steal WOA? it'd be like stealing Vista or even Bob, its behind the curve in EVERY way, its got less apps, less polish, frankly I'm not a fan of either company but Google and Apple have been curb stomping WinPhone and just because you change the name to Win 8 ain't gonna sell it any better, after all they tried that with WinPhone 7 and it went nowhere.

Second of all this story makes NO sense because there are ALREADY less versions of Windows, in fact at retail there are only three, one of which you can't even buy! as far as the public is concerned there is only three...Win 7 Starter, Win 7 HP, and Win 7 Pro. No one that isn't in a third world country will ever come across Basic, the ONLY place I've seen Starter is on bottom of the barrel Atom netbooks (most of the AMD or ION ones I've seen come with HP) and unless you are an admin at a large corp then for all intents and purposes Enterprise is just Pro.

If anything this (along with the 2012 server story, did you LOOK at the start screen for server? what are they thinking?) just shows how lost MSFT is with Ballmer at the helm. How many here think the average consumer is gonna know what an ARM chip is, or that RT equals ARM? people will buy it, find out its a Windows that doesn't actually run Windows programs and then they'll be brought back in masse.

So frankly MSFT should drop down on their knees and thank any Deity they believe in if pirates take the turkey because i have a feeling the best they'll get IRL is a theme for Android as just like Vista this is gonna be a version nobody pirates.

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