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Legal Say what you want about Twitter - pointless, annoying, noise, useless - at least the company has its heart in the right place. Twitter just announced the Innovator's Patent Agreement, a promise not use their or their employees' patents offensively. In a world where yesterday's innovators are today's patent trolls - Apple, Microsoft, Oracle - this is a big deal.
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RE[3]: Patent troll?
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 18th Apr 2012 08:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Patent troll?"
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It seems you forgot the key point which make the difference between an actual patent troll and a company such as the one you mentioned:

"with no intention to further develop, manufacture or market the patented invention"

And you miss the key word:

"often with no intention".

It fascinates me how hard some people try not to have to accept reality. Quite entertaining.

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