Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 18th Apr 2012 03:19 UTC, submitted by Marc Geerlings
Graphics, User Interfaces "GIMP 2.10's core will be 100% ported to GEGL, and all of the legacy pixel fiddling API for plug-ins is going to be deprecated." I'll honestly admit I have no idea what they're on about (I can't know everything about everything), but it appears to be quite a big deal.
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Great news
by ameasures on Wed 18th Apr 2012 09:37 UTC
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"Once the core is completely ported, it will be a minor effort to simply “switch on” high bit depths and whatever color models we’d like to see. Oh, and already now, instead of removing indexed mode (as originally planned), we accidentally promoted indexed images to first class citizens that can be painted on, and even color corrected, just like any other image. The code doing so doesn’t even notice because GEGL and Babl transparently handle the pixel conversion magic."

Making high bit depths available will strengthen the GIMP feature set (for those that need it and for those who don't, it removes the excuse).

The hooking into use of the GPU, where possible, is very cool indeed - especially now that 10+ megapixel are commonplace.

Being able to drop a block of complex legacy code will help the project to focus elsewhere. I still find myself hoping they will rework the UI.

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