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Apple Dude buys $4000 MacBook Pro. GPU make/model in this laptop is proven to be defective. Apple launches repair program that covers the machine. Apple refuses to fix or replace the dude's $4000 laptop. Dude tries several different ways of getting Apple to admit fault. Apple doesn't budge. Case goes to court, in front of a judge. Apple sends two (2) (twee) (deux) (zwei) (dos) (dva) (dau) lawyers to handle the case. Dude takes care of his own defense, obliterates Apple. Judge summons Apple to pay for the laptop and court costs. During the court case, the Apple lawyers admit openly that replacing the logic board would have cost Apple nothing, since Nvidia foots the bill. Apple paid for two, most likely quite expensive lawyers, to prevent having to pay nothing to replace a laptop. This is pure insanity.
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by JPisini on Thu 19th Apr 2012 17:32 UTC in reply to "HP"
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I have two HP laptops bought mine the fan died had the same service as you went great so I didn't think twice to buy one for my wife. Different model laptop same model fan also died took 3 weeks of fighting they still never replaced the part, I ordered one online and did it myself. It is all subjective it really depends on the people you have to deal with on the other end.

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