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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia's results for the first quarter are in... And it's grim. Very grim. We're looking at a net loss of EUR 929 million, an almost complete collapse compared to last year's EUR 344 million profit. It's also almost double the loss analysts expected. Revenue dropped by 29%, too.
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Such a shame
by plague on Thu 19th Apr 2012 19:52 UTC
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Man I hate this..
I've always preferred Nokia phones, always, until they went to bed with Microsoft.
Make some high-end phones and put Android on them and I will buy them, don't and I won't.
It's pretty obvious alot of people feel the same.

I absolutely _love_ the design of the N9, perfect design, perfect size. Put a faster chip in it and put Android on it. Sell it and collect the money. How hard can it be?
They didn't want to become just another Android OEM? They wanted to differentiate?
Well, they are different now, by beeing the only company clinging to _only_ Windows Phone, but to me it sure looks like they are just another Windows Phone OEM. How is that any better than beeing an Android OEM? Atleast Android sell.
Stupid Elop, choose another company to sink. And Nokia, why are you _allowing_ him to sink you?

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