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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia's results for the first quarter are in... And it's grim. Very grim. We're looking at a net loss of EUR 929 million, an almost complete collapse compared to last year's EUR 344 million profit. It's also almost double the loss analysts expected. Revenue dropped by 29%, too.
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RE[2]: Such a shame
by plague on Thu 19th Apr 2012 21:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Such a shame"
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Sure, I'd like them to go that way too, but it would take alot more work, time and money than to go Android.
Plus they would have to build up an ecosystem from scratch. MeeGo was definitely on the right track, except for the name (Moblin was a far better name). But it's abandoned and doesn't have an ecosystem worth mentioning.
Android is the sane choice at the moment.
Besides, when I buy an Android phone, I don't just blindfolded pick any phone out of the bunch, I pick the phone I actually like. The hardware matters, and noone has made any handsets I like as much as the Nokia phones.
Samsungs phones are either too big, too plastic or both, plus I hate TouchWiz. HTCs phones are slightly better in that regard and the only choice I can tolerate right now (I have a Sensation), but they are still big and getting bigger. Nokias phones have a quality feeling to them, and especially the N9 is pretty much perfect in size and design.
The only things I don't really like with Android are the Ads that you have to unsubscribe to and the semi-closed nature of it (you're kinda stuck with TouchWiz/Sense and very long waits for upgrades).
I would like another alternative or for the Android vendors to actually push their drivers to the main tree, deliver vanilla Android on their handsets and cooperate for once.
But that won't happen and there simply aren't any other decent alternatives at the moment.

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