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Windows If you ever needed any proof it's anything but roses ans sunshine over at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it's this. The next version of Windows Phone, WP8, will run on the NT kernel, which marks a pretty substantial departure from the current release. This raises the question: will current handsets be upgradeable to WP8? First, Microsoft indicated no. Then they said yes (interview retracted). And now, they're saying no again.
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The NT kernel run fine on old computers...computers that were much less capable than today's phones, with a single ancient core, with bigger screens and higher resolutions. Why is there a problem today with the NT kernel requiring two cores and such?

Perhaps NT has bloated up in meantime.

Windows 2000 used to run perfectly fine on computers slower than modern phones, but then XP happened... and Vista happened... And only with Win7 Microsoft started to realize that ever-increasing bloat wasn't such a good idea.

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