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Windows So, Microsoft developer evangelist Nuno Silva, who stated in an interview with a Portuguese website that current Windows Phone devices would be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, has officially retracted his statements about upgradeability. More fuel for the current-devices-will-not-get-WP8 fire.
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RE: What happened to MS?
by avgalen on Fri 20th Apr 2012 10:28 UTC in reply to "What happened to MS?"
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However they are now dropping WP7 devices, Silverlight, C#, and original Win32 API desktop apps.

Where did you get any of that information from?

"They are now dropping WP7 devices"....No they are not. At least not NOW and nothing is known about the future.

"...Silverlight." This seems to be a bit in limbo, but the general idea seems to be "no new version, but older versions will get supported for a long time"

"...C#." If you really think they are dropping this ..... NO WAY

"...and original Win32 API desktop apps". They work just fine in Windows 8 so far.

Just when is that "now" that you mentioned going to happen?

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