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Windows If you ever needed any proof it's anything but roses ans sunshine over at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it's this. The next version of Windows Phone, WP8, will run on the NT kernel, which marks a pretty substantial departure from the current release. This raises the question: will current handsets be upgradeable to WP8? First, Microsoft indicated no. Then they said yes (interview retracted). And now, they're saying no again.
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The sad part is they don't even give them fresh scripts! Point out that win 8 is gonna fail on any mainstream (or even some of the geek sites like slashdot) and watch as just like the sunrise they come. the sad part is they are SO obvious as the script they have them using is total market drone speak, the last one I saw had the phrase "consumer experience" like FIVE times in it! Who talks like that?

I mean you'd think that someone with the money of MSFT would get like the writers of 30 rock or some other top tier show to write them some compelling scripts, instead we get words like "synergy" and "consumer experience". I bet it would make a funny send up though..."Microsoft...where even our astroturf sounds like something from a Dilbert comic"

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