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Multimedia, AV "When I started working on a no-DRM, open-standards-based solution for distributing high-definition video on fixed media ('Lib-Ray'), I naturally thought of Theora, because it was developed as a free software project. Several people have suggested, though, that the VP8 codec would be a better fit for my application. This month, I've finally gotten the necessary vpxtools and mkvtoolnix packages installed on my Debian system, and so I'm having a first-look at VP8. The results are very promising, though the tools are somewhat finicky."
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At the time where the project was started, Theora apparently was the least awful option. Now that VP8, which is a superior format in every respect, is available, the guy has chosen to switch to it. So, what's the issue ?

It would have been great if Xiph were as good at designing video codecs as they are at designing audio codecs, or if the MPEG-LA weren't a bunch of dicks that would patent the concept of moving pictures if they could. But sadly, this isn't the case, so people had to find a less-than-optimal compromise until Google bought and open-sourced a true competitor to H.264.

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