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Graphics, User Interfaces Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin, an interface designer at Spotify, is a big believer in skeuomorphism. Whereas Apple is a strong advocate of this design concept, Microsoft is clearly moving in the exact opposite direction, while Android is in the process of moving away from skeuomorphism entirely, to a more digital experience. As a passionate hater of skeuomorphism in UIs, I found Ahlin's examples to be a bit weak.
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My screen looks nothing like my desktop. To be specific that's what I currently have on it:
- a laptop (recursion warning!),
- a computer mouse,
- some books (books, not icons of books),
- my cellphone on a charger (again, an actual phone, not an icon),
- a cup,
- cables.

On the on-screen desktop I have:
- a pointer,
- a panel with some buttons and gadgets on it,
- some movable rectangular windows displaying more buttons/UI controls and changing content,
- some icons acting as shortcuts to applications/documents/directories.

No, they aren't the same thing, in fact, they are as different as they possibly could be. Computer screens just happen to display 2D images so it makes sense to construct user interfaces that way.

So, we are left with just the name. But that was just someone's arbitrary decision to call it a "desktop" (for a good reason, we don't want to describe it every single time we mention it). After all, just because someone else called a pointing device a "mouse" doesn't mean we should now be comparing them to living mice.

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