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Linux Liuns Torvalds is a finalist for this year's Millenium Technology Prize, prompting Scott Merrill with TechCrunch to do an e-mail interview. Interesting how Torvalds ignores the existence of ultrabooks - the Air is the exact same Intel-designed machine. Curious.
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by galvanash on Sat 21st Apr 2012 16:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai"
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I am only aware of ASUS UX21E and Samsung 900X3A which rival the Air some categories but lose to it in others, especially those that Linus considers important.

Personally I'm on the fence about even considering the Samsung 11" a true competitor to the Air - they screwed up on that model badly (the 13" isn't bad though).

It's fatal flaw is that it only has 2GB of ram and can't be upgraded. The base model Air is 2GB also - but you can get 4GB and double the SSD for $200 more. On the other hand, the Samsung can be found online for $650 - which is substantially cheaper than either the Air or the Zenbook. I think I could live with the slower Core i3 and the lower resolution screen, but for me 2GB of ram just doesn't cut it...

If they just offered a 4GB model I think it might have had a chance - but seeing how low the prices have gone on it I suspect Samsung is having trouble getting rid of inventory - the original price on it was $1200 so they have cut the price nearly in half...

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