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Windows So, Microsoft developer evangelist Nuno Silva, who stated in an interview with a Portuguese website that current Windows Phone devices would be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, has officially retracted his statements about upgradeability. More fuel for the current-devices-will-not-get-WP8 fire.
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RE: What happened to MS?
by zima on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 10:26 UTC in reply to "What happened to MS?"
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At least, while the OS might very well turn out to be non-upgradeable, there is some talk about app compatibility...

(latest iOS on iPhone 3GS is not quite so rosy as many make it out to be - features missing, availability of Siri on pre-4S devices even purposefully removed from appstore, plus don't forget it's a device still actively promoted and pushed on consumers; maybe we should count also from the ending times of large-scale sales)

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