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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A new analysis of licensing data shows that not only is use of the GPL and other copyleft licenses continuing to decline, but the rate of disuse is actually accelerating." This shouldn't be surprising. The GPL is complex, and I honestly don't blame both individuals and companies opting for simpler, more straightforward licenses like BSD or MIT-like licenses.
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As for wether or not GPL is less used out there today then I'd say no, not for what it has always been primarily used for, which is 'finished' open source products. Looking at open source applications GPL remains as strong as ever, looking at components, frameworks then permissive licencing is as strong as ever. However there's been an explosion in open source web oriented frameworks/components as of late, and they are pretty much all permissively licenced which may very well be what skews the stats.

The article states (after being corrected) that projects aren't moving from GPL towards permissive licencing, but that new projects are increasingly permissively licenced. However we see no data describing in which areas these new projects are mainly oriented. However all it takes is a look over at github to see an enourmous amount of new projects being posted every day, the vast majority of which relates to web tech frameworks/components and also most of which starts off as a fork from something else.

Unless I see a sudden drastic change in choice of licence for open source applications then I'd say it's business as usual, with GPL being the major licence used for larger projects and with BSD/MIT and other permissive licences dominating for framework/component type code.

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