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Google "Reports are coming in from around the Internet that the Gmail redesign, which we were previously able to stave off with 'revert to the old look temporarily', is now forcing itself upon us. I too have succumbed to the new design, and have been forced to find ways to cope. Here's what I did to make it semi-bearable." The Gmail redesign has been the biggest whine-a-thon in the history of the web ('cope'? Bearable'?). For what it's worth, the Gmail redesign has been a godsend for me - the new Gmail is beautiful, understated, and elegant. I love it. I guess the old adage still goes: the satisfied people don't take to the web.
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Well, it's still usable
by dorin.lazar on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 18:49 UTC
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I cried a lot about the new design of GMail - and indeed, I used pretty much the same solution to make the gmail bearable. And now I got used to it, and it works again, I don't mind it anymore.

The new design feels ugly as it comes out of the box. I like my mail in a certain way, the old gmail didn't satisfy it but it was close enough, and I think I'm equally dissatisfied right now with the new one as with the old one. So yes, no more crying over spoiled milk - I just roll with it. Heck, it's free, and it's usable. I have nothing to complain about, or have I?

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