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Google "Reports are coming in from around the Internet that the Gmail redesign, which we were previously able to stave off with 'revert to the old look temporarily', is now forcing itself upon us. I too have succumbed to the new design, and have been forced to find ways to cope. Here's what I did to make it semi-bearable." The Gmail redesign has been the biggest whine-a-thon in the history of the web ('cope'? Bearable'?). For what it's worth, the Gmail redesign has been a godsend for me - the new Gmail is beautiful, understated, and elegant. I love it. I guess the old adage still goes: the satisfied people don't take to the web.
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A question (slightly OT)
by boblowski on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 20:27 UTC
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Ok, this is something that really starts to make me wonder. Every time when I see screen pictures of an email program, file manager, some web application, or whatever, I notice there are just a very limited number of items in the lists.

Like in this example just 7 messages. And even if there would have been more messages, in the default layout perhaps just 15 to 20 messages can be shown.

It's the same when you see pictures of some file manager, they never seem have more then perhaps 20 files and 4 folders to manage.

Even on my private notebook there are at least several hundreds of mail messages that I still need and a few thousand work files and documents I want to handle. I'd guess professionally I have something like 50-100 messages a day to manage.

I can give countless other examples. CRM systems that just show 10 contacts on a page, file managers that just show 40 rows of files, Skype that just shows like 30 lines of chat messages, FaceBook's scrolling to see what you need, etc.

Really just wondering, but I read all the time about people drowning in an overload of information, but at the same time it seems to me like all the tools and applications show less and less information.

I really can see how showing less information can be a good thing, but surely I can't be the only one with more than a single page of emails, files, or messages to manage?

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