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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A new analysis of licensing data shows that not only is use of the GPL and other copyleft licenses continuing to decline, but the rate of disuse is actually accelerating." This shouldn't be surprising. The GPL is complex, and I honestly don't blame both individuals and companies opting for simpler, more straightforward licenses like BSD or MIT-like licenses.
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RE[2]: hm?
by Valhalla on Mon 23rd Apr 2012 17:28 UTC in reply to "RE: hm?"
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It is a slap in the face to contribute code and not even be able to choose my own license.

Are you daft? You can choose whatever licence you want for your code. Even if you contribute your code to a GPL licenced project you also licence that same code under any other licence, since it's yours.

If you are going to licence your code at all (though I seriously doubt you are a programmer in any shape or form) then you really need to look up copyright and how it corresponds to licencing as you seem to have no clue whatsoever.

I hate the GPL and refuse to contribute code to any project that uses it.
Quelle surprise! And right before that you claim it's stupid to hate Microsoft...

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