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Linux "Linux vendor Canonical said it has 'no interest' in Linux kernel development. Two weeks ago a Linux Foundation report showed that since version 2.6.32, Microsoft had committed more code to the Linux kernel than Canonical. Since then, Canonical has faced claims from rivals that it does not contribute to Linux as much as it should given its popularity. Recently Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth told The Inquirer that his company has no interest in contributing to the Linux kernel." Why is this such a bad thing? You can contribute more to open source than code alone. Like, I don't know, users?
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And what about Richard Hughsie (packagekit, colord), or Jon McCann (gnome shell) or Owen Taylor (gnome shell). I could go on and on and on... Redhat has done *more* for the Linux desktop than Canonical has or every will do from a strictly _engineering / code_ standpoint.

No one will disagree with the amount of hype and marketing that Canonical has put into Linux desktops however.

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