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In the News "The increase is a sign that the search engine can no longer afford to operate in a Silicon Valley vacuum. For years, Google had a reputation for indifference inside the Beltway. It took Google until May 2005 to set up a presence in Washington and even then, its headquarters consisted of a one-man lobbying shop in suburban Maryland." Do the Americans among you just accept this? Is this normal? Why aren't you guys turning to the streets when your country is quite clearly being bought left and right? I mean, I'm sure this happens everywhere, but on this scale? Gives me the creeps.
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Lobbying is an unfortunate reality brought about by hundreds of years of determined exploitation of the Constitution. Such exploitation should come as no surprise, as it is the inevitable consequence of granting any sinful man any amount of power. While this exploitation can only be expected, there is really no way to stop it. Men will always grasp for power, to the point of a revolution. And then the cycle starts over. Ultimately years of study of governmental philosophy has shown me one thing: men will never act altruistically. Even the founders of the Constitution understood this, which is why there is a natural check and balance between the judicial, executive, and legislative branches. However, no Constitution will ever be capable of staving off the lust for power forever. Lobbying is merely the newest form of the harsh reality that money equals power. Ultimately all these desires within men shine towards a want of something beyond themselves. Men see the potential to be remembered and to make a lasting effect beyond their own life through government.

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