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In the News "The increase is a sign that the search engine can no longer afford to operate in a Silicon Valley vacuum. For years, Google had a reputation for indifference inside the Beltway. It took Google until May 2005 to set up a presence in Washington and even then, its headquarters consisted of a one-man lobbying shop in suburban Maryland." Do the Americans among you just accept this? Is this normal? Why aren't you guys turning to the streets when your country is quite clearly being bought left and right? I mean, I'm sure this happens everywhere, but on this scale? Gives me the creeps.
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RE: It's very simple
by l3v1 on Tue 24th Apr 2012 06:17 UTC in reply to "It's very simple"
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think that politicians are caring people who love their country and want what is best for their fellow countrymen

Caring? Some might care for one thing or the other, if at least one of those makes him happier. Love their country? I suppose that could be accepted. Best for their fellow countrymen? I suppose it could be true, as long as countrymen's definition is me, me, and oh, I.

I have yet to see a politician that would by both action and words adhere to all the above at the same time.

And yet they still get elected. I suppose people have by now realized that whatever government is still better in general, than no government. But sometimes it's really peculiar, to say the least, when these elected politicians act as they would've got their powers from [whichever] God to do whatever they see fit the crowds of mere mortals.

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