Linked by Thom Holwerda on Tue 24th Apr 2012 13:17 UTC
Windows So, we'll be getting our hands on the Windows 8 Release Preview in the first week of June. I'm interested in what they've done to improve the Metro experience for boring old mouse and keyboard users, and if they've managed to include applications that work (as opposed to buggy preview applications).
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by Gestahlt on Tue 24th Apr 2012 18:45 UTC
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Also tried the Win 8 previews. I donĀ“t like it.
Im not talking about the bugs and the bees, but i dont like the all the new user experience.

The GUI makes me feel that MS thinks of me as an Idiot with bad eyesight and a shaking hand.

Nah, if you guys like it, great. Im always in for new GUI concepts and it is awesome that we get a bit away from all the classical concepts. But in the end, this is not my cup of Tea and the GUI that i like might come with the next $i releases or OSs. Right now i rather stick to my Win7 desktop or Gnome 2.x. I use the CLI for both systems btw. Its often so much easier.. or maybe im just too used to it.

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