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Google Well, this has been a very, very long time in the making. Google has finally unveiled its big Dropbox competitor: Google Drive. You start with 5GB for free, and you can go all the way to 1TB for $50 per month. This is a big deal for many (if you were to use rumouring as a gauge), but all I can think of is this: why on earth would you entrust your files to a company - any company - whose sole interest is extracting money from you, and who, to boot, is subject to crazy American laws?
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RE: completely normal??
by Valhalla on Tue 24th Apr 2012 21:13 UTC in reply to "completely normal??"
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Let's see, things that get you a "hefty" prison sentence in the U.S. would be... murder, rape, child pornography, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon etc...

Don't forget 'terrorism' which seems to be a blanket accusation these days which results in them being able to detain you indefinately without even charging you.

Also I read of a American guy who faced prison time for obscene manga images (comic book drawings) where a drawn character was supposedly under-age (?) and was showing nudity. He was apprehended in Canada though iirc.

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