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Intel AnandTech puts Intel's new Ivy Bridge through its paces. "While it's not enough to tempt existing Sandy Bridge owners, if you missed the upgrade last year then Ivy Bridge is solid ground to walk on. It's still the best performing client x86 architecture on the planet and a little to a lot better than its predecessor depending on how much you use the on-die GPU."
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RE: Not worth it for me
by bassbeast on Wed 25th Apr 2012 05:05 UTC in reply to "Not worth it for me"
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This is something I've argued with the gear heads, that for the vast majority PCs have been "good enough" since they went dual cores. I haven't seen any improvements on the desktop when i went from quad to hexacore and even with both boys loving to game (one on a hexacore, the other my quad handed down) frankly even the games rarely stress more than 2 cores, heck i found that for my mobile needs that a Bobcat dual core is more than plenty for watching HD videos, surfing, webmail, etc.

The problem is the reason why we see Microsoft killing themselves to get onto cell phones and tablets, because PCs simply haven't had a "killer app" that can take advantage of the frankly insane power both Intel and AMD have given us. I will give Intel credit though, after AMD's previous CEO backed the company into a corner (Killing Thuban, killing the next version of Brazos called Krishna) and bet the farm on Bulldozer which turned out to be not even as good as Thuban Intel could have just sat back and reaped the profits so the fact that they are still sticking to their tick tock strategy, even though it will cost a ton of money, just shows they aren't willing to rest on their laurels.

I just hope AMD can come up with something better because as we have seen a monopoly is NEVER a good thing. I have to wonder if Intel would help out AMD to keep from ending up in that situation, as Microsoft did with Apple in the 90s? After all they can afford to give up the low end market (which is tight margins anyway) to AMD a lot easier than they can afford a bunch of governments watching them like hawks.

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