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Gnome The first in a new series of development builds of GNOME has been released. You can compile GNOME 2.13.1 by using these jhbuild modulesets. Planned features can be found here.
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Let's be honest
by mkools on Wed 26th Oct 2005 21:25 UTC
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I've been a gnome user for a couple of years now and it's nice to work with, I can do my work in it I can stream internetradio, surf the web etc etc.

But let's be honest, I don't know what the dev's of gnome are doing but I think they are totally not focussing on important shortcomings of gnome.

Take Nautlius for example, it's really a pain to find a file, even Windows 3.1's filemanager was far better, why don't they focus on that?

So without trolling, i'm starting to get a little dissapointed about gnome and with it's current progress it's never going to be one of the leading Linux window managers.

Look at alternatives like Enlightment, KDE, Looking Glass, progress is begin made there very fast.
It looks like GNOME is stuck at some point and all they do is bugfixing.

I hope this will change because I'm used to GNOME and it would be great if they could really improve user experience so that I can keep using it in the future.

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