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Google Well, this has been a very, very long time in the making. Google has finally unveiled its big Dropbox competitor: Google Drive. You start with 5GB for free, and you can go all the way to 1TB for $50 per month. This is a big deal for many (if you were to use rumouring as a gauge), but all I can think of is this: why on earth would you entrust your files to a company - any company - whose sole interest is extracting money from you, and who, to boot, is subject to crazy American laws?
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RE[2]: Crazy American Laws?
by jal_ on Wed 25th Apr 2012 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Crazy American Laws?"
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I'm so sick of people thinking we're the bad guys when we've done so much for the world.

For one, I'm pretty sure you didn't do crap for the world (and neither did I, but that's not the point). What's that "we" you're speaking of?

Secondly, am I to understand that you actually approve of ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and the like? And that you approve of fining people for millions of dollars for sharing some copyrighted files?

Also, the fact that "you" have done so much for the world has nothing to do with what Tom is talking about. "You" could have saved the world three times over, you're screwing it over right now. As we say in Dutch "resultaten uit het verleden bieden geen garantie voor de toekomst".

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