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Windows So, we'll be getting our hands on the Windows 8 Release Preview in the first week of June. I'm interested in what they've done to improve the Metro experience for boring old mouse and keyboard users, and if they've managed to include applications that work (as opposed to buggy preview applications).
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by dsmogor on Wed 25th Apr 2012 15:48 UTC in reply to "Metro..."
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W8 was the 1st windows preview I ever installed.
In summary, seems that MS is preparing a tablet OS in a hurry while trying to convince everybody about magical synergies they could carry from desktop windows that simply are not there.
For me it's a pure publicity stunt to gain developer mind-share (standard practice that has benefited them in the past) and I simply don't believe MS will push metro hard on desktops.

Looks like the whole WP7 was more of the same: some nice animation framework working on one Quallcom SOC on top of aging WCE kernel they sold as revolutionary ecosystem enabler, LG and Nokia bought it and are in world of pain now. It must have been enough mess they are dumping it while pitching W8RT as the next big thing. I'll believe when I see it.

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