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Legal "The Opinion shows that the lack of precision of the Agreement about the measures to be deployed to tackle infringements of intellectual property rights on the Internet may have unacceptable side effects on fundamental rights of individuals, if they are not implemented properly. It underlines that many of the measures to strengthen IP enforcement online could involve the large scale monitoring of users' behaviour and of their electronic communications. These measures are highly intrusive to the private sphere of individuals, and should only be implemented if they are necessary and proportionate to the aim of enforcing IP rights." Paint, red, scout. You know the drill by now. How does this surprise anyone at this point?
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RE[2]: 1984
by Gestahlt on Wed 25th Apr 2012 18:35 UTC in reply to "RE: 1984"
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I canĀ“t agree on that text more.

It makes me as person feel uncomfortable and i rather live in an different enviroment but not much choice there.

I saw the internet grow and it saddens me that it became the place it is today. . I mean mass surveilance is really something that should not be done. No matter what. This is an unacceptable intrusion in ones intimity. There are so many possibilites you can do with the computing power nowadays and it is imho wasted by mining too much personal data. The energy needed to do it too.

Well, on the other hand, it has certain uses, but the abuse is the easier and more practiced one... ah it doesnt really matter since we are all sheep (or maybe lemmings).

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