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Google Well, this has been a very, very long time in the making. Google has finally unveiled its big Dropbox competitor: Google Drive. You start with 5GB for free, and you can go all the way to 1TB for $50 per month. This is a big deal for many (if you were to use rumouring as a gauge), but all I can think of is this: why on earth would you entrust your files to a company - any company - whose sole interest is extracting money from you, and who, to boot, is subject to crazy American laws?
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I'm a privacy nut like the next guy, but I'll be using Google (my first venture into using online storage), because unlike every other provider I know Google isn't going to GO BUST and lose all my data completely (nor need to sell it for money).

Open Source storage? You guys delusional? That's no better than using Google - and your data will be shared on some shared SAN with other clients of the VPS provider.

I'll be using Google Drive + this thing called 7ZIP that has been around for about a decade.

I might even use this as my 7ZIP password key: {6$Y`r>Q_Aa&TRRMr_rjBSh*~q9744&3)1}<Vy8O1p5K;!KZpVuo]W1$TB3.2wx

Google Storage + 7Zip AES encrypted container = I couldn't give cr@p if my data was stored in North Korea!

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