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Google Well, this has been a very, very long time in the making. Google has finally unveiled its big Dropbox competitor: Google Drive. You start with 5GB for free, and you can go all the way to 1TB for $50 per month. This is a big deal for many (if you were to use rumouring as a gauge), but all I can think of is this: why on earth would you entrust your files to a company - any company - whose sole interest is extracting money from you, and who, to boot, is subject to crazy American laws?
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"some genius will eventually" is already addressed by the quote.

Security is a moving target; an ongoing process. It's not an option in the settings or magic paint you apply once and forget.

The quote is a moving target; "if your data can not be stored this way it's not safe enough to store anywhere". There is nothing in that idea which refers to a static state of affairs.

Your data will naturally move from "safe enough" to "not safe enough" as tech and cryptography continue to evolve. Based on the quote, that is when you update your strategy too move your data from "not safe enough" back to "safe enough". I don't think someone neglecting there stored data invalidates the quote at all.

The quote also does not suggest one habitually store data with one's enemy. It suggests that if the data is not safe enough to consider doing this then it's not safe enough to be stored anywhere. In other words, wherever you store your data, make it safe enough that your worst enemy could have direct access to it and still not get in.

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