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Google I wasn't just wrong, I was being an idiot. "When Google was in the thick of Android's development in 2006 and 2007 - long before the platform ever reached retail - it was a very different product, almost unrecognizable compared to the products we used today. Documents dated May of 2007 and made public during the course of Oracle's lawsuit against Google over its use of Java in Android show off a number of those preliminary user interface elements, prominently marked 'subject to change', and you can see how this used to be a product focused on portrait QWERTY devices." I'm hoping I can dive into this a little deeper tomorrow; since it's the busiest period of the year for my little company right now, I don't have the time to do it today. Just to make sure nobody thinks I'm just going to ignore this, I figured it'd be a good idea to post a quickie today. I'll get back to this tomorrow, or Friday at the latest.
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RE[4]: Why Steve hates android
by akrosdbay on Thu 26th Apr 2012 14:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why Steve hates android"
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I'm not saying the first iPhone wasn't a great device and software combination for it's time.

I'm saying, it is obvious that the market would go that direction.

Because the technology existed.

In hindsight may be, but as evidenced by this very article most companies were not going in that direction and hadn't in decades. Given that most of the technology to make an iPhone existed in some form or the other, no one else had done it.

Look at the stalwarts of the industry around 2007, Palm, RIM, Nokia, Windows Phone.. they are all but dead now. Primarily because none of them saw it coming. They all reacted and a little too late. So your contention that someone else would have done it is with out any real historical evidence.

iPhone comes out and then Google reacts about 1.5 years later by redesigning android to be similar. Palm comes out with webOS nearly 2 years after, Microsoft with Windows 7 3 years after and Nokia tries a few things to compete and failed. RIM with the blackberry storm with a horrible touchscreen in 2008.

If these companies would have done it anyway those products would have come out within a month or in far lesser time than after the iPhone was launched. None of them had the same quality of touchscreen that Apple had. Because Apple had designed it in-house and had it manufactured, the rest of the industry caught up after.

Same deal with the iPad retina display. Eventually devices will catch up but the IP to make it happen won't permeate the general market for many months. Tablets with those HiDPI screens will eventually flood the market but not until the end of the year.

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